Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pre-Blog Communications!

Here's all the stuff from facebook:


Appie Carr:
Right, we'll use this group to organise and dicuss stuff i guess. (13 March at 14:57)

Appie Carr: Book resources! (13 March at 15:00)

Appie Carr:
Remember folks, we're meeting Friday at noon... 
do some research, find the area you want to study  (15 March at 00:31)
Isaac Hammond: whats this for?
Adam Robson The new design in context project.

Appie Carr:
Okay folks, we have some form of blog up and running...its on 'blogger'
Login shite:
password: *********** -[Redacted]
(15 March at 13:48)

Lynsey McCammon:
hey hey, just wondering what sub topic everyone is choosing? 
i know steph was doing "environmental concerns of the design and print industries"
what about the rest? i think it's only fair that i get last pick since i've not been in :)
(18 March at 21:32)
        Appie Carr: Well, i'm interested in looking at 'the relationship between personal and  
        professional ethics and how they affect each other.'
(18 March at 23:49)
        Lynsey McCammon: i kinda fancied the sustainable design one
(19 March at 01:48)

Stephanie Stilwell:
my key texts:
-The green imperative: ecology and ethics in design and architecture. 
Papanek, Victor 
-Sustainability and Graphic Design. Hamlett, Phil
-Can't see the forest. Twemlow, Alice
my reading list:
Sustainable packaging trend gathering pace
The paradox of urban environmentalism: problem and possibility
Offsetting is part of our Carbon cutting diet
What is Graphic Design
Good: An introduction to ethics in graphic design (possible key text )
Where our wild things are 
Value added design
Enhancing environmental quality through green design
Green challenge
(20 March at 11:13)

Stephanie Stilwell:
my introduction- An overview of how and why the Graphic Design 
and other design industrys are making themselves and the products they design sustainable, the growing sense of social resposibility within the industry and designers roles in the promotion of environmental living. (20 March at 11:28)

Stephanie Stilwell:
these may be useful for the rest of you :

Appie - You are what you design 
Fair Use and Foul Play (if anyone wanted to take a political theme)
Ethics gaps and ethics gains: Differences and similarities in mass communication students' perceptions of plagarism and fabrication 
(if anyone wanted to do a 'when does other people work become your own' kind of take)
(20 March at 11:18)
  Adam Robson: I will do when does other peoples work become your own.

Appie Carr:
My paragraph;
Before we look at ethics in design, we have to 
look at ethics themselves; what ARE ethics?

Ethics; your moral principles and philosophy - the rules
that underly your actions and motivate your decisions.

When something is ethical, then, it is good, moral, fair, 
and just. An ethical decision is one that is made for the 
right reasons.

So where does this fit into design?

Well, according to 
"Good; an introduction to ethics in graphic design"
by Lucienne Roberts; "it is crucial to remember that graphic
design is a social activity - by its very nature it affects lots
of people and with this comes a responsibility."

So we are to understand that design - for some 
designers just a job - has far reaching consequences. (20 March at 12:55)

Appie Carr:
Key texts; 
'Good; an introduction to ethics in graphic design'
'Do Good Design: How Design Can Change Our World: How Visual Communicators Can Save the World'
Appie Carr and i'll check out that one you've put steph (20 March at 13:04)

Appie Carr:
hey folks if you post your email addresses i can make y'all authors on the blog :)
(20 minutes ago)

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  1. my key texts:

    Cradle to Cradle by Michael Braungart and William McDonough

    Design for Sustainable Change: How design and designers can drive the sustainability agenda by Anna Chick and Paul Micklethwaite

    Designers Visionaries and Other Stories: A Collection of Sustainable Design Essays by Johnathan Chapman and Nick Grant