Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Okay so seeing as how it's hand in date tomorrow i'll put up my reading list / bibliography:
(Also, if you have time skim some of these journals, they are well worth a read)

Graphic Subversion: The Spirit of Art and the Capitalist Ethic.
Basically, Pierson explores the idea of design existing in a regulated capitalist structure and how this
is both damaging for the designer and their designs.

Toward an Horizon in Design Ethics.
Not a light read but it hints that the designer gives the design it's moral sitting, and that ethics provides a designer with a much needed ability for opinion outside of aesthetics and practicality.

What Values in Design? The Challenge of Incorporating Moral Values into Design.
Again, you have to sift through the crap but the best points are in relation to how opinion is subjective and that there is no way to measure ethics 

* GOOD; An introduction to Ethics in GraphicDesign 
- recommend this to everyone to read!

- (personal insights)

http://www.creativefluff.com/designs/design-ethics/opinion-design-horse-sht-people-dumb-shts/ - (strongly worded rant defending the role of the designer)

*http://www.andrewkelsall.com/what-who-wouldnt-design-for/ -
(must read)

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